Reactive distributive and Polygot – I’m Vert.x

What is vert.x?

Vert.x is a tool-kit for building reactiveapplications on the JVM.

  • Vert.x is lightweight – Vert.x core is around 650kB in size.
  • Vert.x is fast. Here are some independent numbers.
  • Vert.x is not an application server. There’s no monolithic Vert.x instance into which you deploy applications. You just run your apps wherever you want to.
  • Vert.x is modular – when you need more bits just add the bits you need and nothing more.
  • Vert.x is simple but not simplistic. Vert.x allows you to create powerful apps, simply.
  • Vert.x is an ideal choice for creating light-weight, high-performance, microservices.

Lately I’ve playing with vert.x and, believe me vert.x is here to stay forever. I really enjoyed building applications on top it.

If you want to learn and you can directly access their awesome documentations and examples.

I’ve got some simple starter examples on github




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